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How expensive is a step-out employee per month?

  • The rate paid for an employee will depend on his/her experience. We were told by employers and professionals that our suggested pricing is feasible and fair for both sides.



How long should I plan between the application and the project kick-off?
  • This varies from one week up to a few month, but there is usually always a way which works for both sides. It might even take up to four months from your application to the project kick-off. This includes one month of negotiations and then potential three months resignation period for your selected project employee.



What administrative tasks will I need to take care of?

  • Your administrative procedures are kept to a minimum, as any needed document will be prepared and sent to you. Specially during the selection and negotiation processes before the project, the step-out team will stand at your side and make your life as easy as possible.



What differentiates you from a classical consulting firm?

  • We only select people who showcase a strong entrepreneurial mindset. This enables us to focus on candidates who are interested in implementing concepts and not only stay at a theoretical level. Furthermore, we provide you highly qualified professionals at a lower price.

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