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 What kind of information does my anonymised CV contain?

  • We make sure that the information on your CV does not make it possible to identify you. Of course, we can provide you with your anonymised CV and let you confirm its content yourself. All critical information including names of employers and universities will be anonymised. There will be no information sent to any project partner without getting your prior approval.



How are you different from a classical consulting firm?

  • You get time to develop your own idea or decide on your next career step as all our projects are limited to 60-80% workload. You work with a high degree of independence for a SME and get to have a real impact. Of course, you also select the project yourself and decide whether it is interesting to you. Step-out should really be the temporary solution you choose to take the time to develop your own business or apply for another position. 



Who will lead the price negotiations and what rates can I expect?

  • Generally, the negotiations will take place between you and our project partner, nevertheless we will play an active role as intermediary in order to facilitate an agreement between both parties.



Do you provide support for the development of own business ideas? 

  • We do not provide these services ourselves, but strongly encourage you to get in touch with us. We have a strong network of partners, who provide support to early phase start-ups. 



Do you also offer support at the end of the project, if I want to become self-employed?

  • The step-out team supports you throughout the project. Also, we offer trainings to employees, who desire to start their own company at the end of their step-out experience. Therefore we partnered with different incubators and experts. 



How do I know if I have the right qualifications to get staffed on a project?

  • The step-out team will contact you within 2 working days in order to agree on a first quick catch-up. Ultimately, it is up to the project partners, who decide based on your anonymous CV.



At which location will I work during the project?

  • This depends on individual projects, but in general, step-out projects support flexible ways of working including home-office, co-working spaces, etc. 

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