About step-out and its founders


Life is too short for work that does not matter to you!


Step-out is the solution we were looking for when we resigned from our consulting jobs: we needed time to develop our business idea, as we realised that this was not possible to do it on-the-job. Furthermore, the pressure to get financing grew very fast, keeping us from concentrating on the development of a solid concept before the search for financing. With step-out, we would like to help the bold professionals wanting to make a start in the independence, or simply help professionals who want to get in touch with attractive and exciting smaller structures.


We help highly educated corporate employees in search of a way out of the rat race by matching them to a SME for a part-time, temporary project. Those projects will allow them to take the time to reflect on their own business idea, investigate other alternatives for their future as well as to gain first insights into more independent work. During the time of the project, our "employed light" package provides a stable environment and thereby decreases the risk of taking the next step. 


Who uses step-out?


There are two sides of the equation: We match rich talents with SME companies. Currently, we focus on the Swiss market, but feel free to contact us in case of any opportunities outside of Switzerland.

We make sure that any user data is always kept strictly confidential  the below are examples of potential users:

  • High profile employees working in: financial institutions like banks and insurance companies, management consultants, technology consultants and corporate employees of large cooperations
  • SME companies across all industries from very small (<10 employees) to large (>250 employees)

Kilian Perrin, Co-Founder Kilian Perrin

  • Professional work experience in Management Consulting
  • University of St. Gallen (HSG) Master's degree, Quantitative Economics and Finance

Jan Harmel, Co-Founder Jan Harmel

  • Professional work experience in Management Consulting
  • University of St. Gallen (HSG) Master's degree, Business Management